Project - Status

Project - Current Status

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Christopher

Project - Current Status

This page is intended to list the current status of each of the five objectives of the project. For more information and the historical events, please see the Blog section.

The project is currently in the early stages. If you’re interested in helping, there’s plenty to do, and most positions are open. Please use the contact form to volunteer.

Aircraft Plans and Kit
Ron Ligeti, working in Australia, is currently preparing CAD drawings and dimensions tables using CATIA v5. These drawings are reverse-engineered from the original prototype aircraft, the sole remaining copy of which is in his possession.

Ron comments:
“Charles built everything on the fly using notes and thinking three steps ahead when he made the prototype, most of the information was locked away in his head. It was fantastic for rapid prototyping. It was a real credit to him that the aircraft was built so well and succeeded beyond his expectations. People who knew him well said he was extremely intelligent and talented...

Production however uses a different set of rules requiring documentation and process definition”.

Following Charles’ work has been very difficult:

“When you reverse engineer a composite aircraft you can not drill rivets out to see what’s inside. You have to either destroy the parts of the aircraft (not an option) or piece info together and re-design the aircraft. If you re-design you need to figure out what is on the original aircraft while planning for production and optimizing things that were missed in an initial prototype”.

Ron sorted through the design notes like a jigsaw puzzle and correlated them to the aircraft. He also had to figure out what notes were merely thoughts, what had actually made it to the finished prototype aircraft, and what was on the second Stratos Charles had designed.

The new dataset Ron is putting together for the second generation Stratos started with a CATIA V4 model he drew after work to get dimensional and template data for the aircraft that he was personally building. He researched and figured out construction methods and processes at the same time.

Ron is now converting the CATIA V4 data to CATIA V5 and setting up the CAD model so 3rd party suppliers can access complete and accurate data. This will also enable multiple parts of the aircraft to be worked on at once with multiple variations on the design.

This rigorous development framework, representing best industry practices, was acquired while working on various leading aerospace projects for major military contractors.

The end result will be a modern advanced technical framework that will integrate with a modern open source hardware development model.

The aircraft will be a refined version of the original prototype design. The second generation version will incorporate design improvements and will be scalable, maintainable and segmented in a way that will allow it to be sourced by multiple suppliers.

Christopher Alan is preparing a workshop in San Diego California to build a prototype airframe.

Communications Infrastructure
This web site is the first component of the planned system. Discussion forums, a document management system, and other tools will be deployed as time and resources permit, If you have system administration skills and would like to help, we’d love to hear from you.

A new Aviation Explorer post is being formed in San Diego CA, whose primary construction project will be a Ligeti Stratos G2. The group expects to begin construction mid-June.

Open Source in General Aviation
No milestones yet. Tell a friend about the Open Source Ligeti Stratos G2.

Commercial Interests
Christopher Alan will begin to develop a suppliers list in mid June. If you’re a commercial aviation supplier or fabricator interested in participating or supporting the project, please see the contact page.

For information on the first generation Ligeti Stratos, which was built and flown between 1982–1987, see the History and Aircraft pages.

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