Ligeti Stratos Project Objectives

Project - Objectives

Posted 06.27.2012 in Articles by Christopher

The second generation Ligeti Stratos Project has five objectives: 

1. Create a complete set of aircraft construction plans and a “51%” parts kit which meets the requirements for FAA Part 21.190 Light-Sport or Part 21.191 Experimental category airworthiness certification. Distribute the plans gratis; at no charge. Make materials and kits available through 3rd party commercial suppliers. 

2. Create a communications infrastructure with specific features that support the international collaboration of hundreds or thousands of individual craftsmen to achieve the first objective. 

3. Create and cultivate a community of technically-proficient participants and supporters who will help create, maintain and improve the design, plans, components and kit on an ongoing basis. Ideally the community will spawn successive and spin-off variations and new projects using the skills and tools developed during this project. 

4. Through the successful implementation of the three objectives above, demonstrate the applicability of the Open Source methodology of collaborative design and assembly to aircraft manufacture, and promote the adoption of Open Source methods and philosophy in the General Aviation industry. 

5. Encourage the participation of commercial interests in the project to make engines, instrumentation, assemblies, materials and services available to individual builders through a coordinated supply chain. The communications infrastructure identified in objective two should include a comprehensive parts list and supplier registry, so builders can create well-organized purchase orders for parts, which suppliers can service through the system, or by integration with their own online ordering systems.

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