New Designs Available in Kit-Built Aircraft

New Designs Available in Kit-Built Aircraft

Posted 08.28.2009 in News by Christopher

Velocity four-seat, canard-winged pusher aircraft shown at the Experimental Aircraft Assn convention (above) costs $18,000 in kit form without engine, propeller, avionics or flight instruments. The Velocity can be built in 600-800 hr. using normally available tools. The aircraft has a top speed of more than 200 mph, and rage of 2,000 mi. at 190-mph. cruise speeds. The Ligeti Stratos (right) joined-wing aircraft was the most radical new design at the Oshkosh show. The one-seat ducted-fan pusher has a maximum takeoff weight of 414 lb. and cruises at 97 kt, Kit cost is $8,000 complete, plus shipping from Australia. The joined-wing structure improves crashworthiness.

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