Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Lawn Mowers

Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Lawn Mowers

Posted 08.28.2009 in News by Christopher

The truth is, I have a soft spot for the true aviators. I love the old Tiger Moths with their wire and canvas and engines which have to be started by hand as if you were stirring a pudding. I am enchanted by ancient Dr Havilland Rapides which appear to flap their wings like ungainly old pelicans. Or how about a little vintage Auter, the baby Austin of the air, which darned nearly flies backward in a high wind. Aviation in the 1980s would be too matter-of-fact, too computerised and full, except for one thing: there is an astonishing new breed, the ultralights. They seem to represent what flying is all about, what it was when it first started--do-it-yourself, build-your-own aviation.

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