The Concept

The Concept

Posted 06.27.2012 in Articles by Christopher

This site was established to support the development of the worlds first Open Source manned aircraft. Through the generosity of the family of the late Charles Ligeti, and the active contribution of his son Ron, an accomplished aeronautical engineer, the Ligeti Stratos has been made available as what is hoped to be the first of a complete line of Open Source aircraft. 

The Ligeti Stratos, a strikingly beautiful joined-wing microlight which cruises at 112 kts on 1.3 gph was originally designed and flown 20 years ago in Australia by Charles Ligeti. His tragic death while test flying a modified design, aerodynamically different than the original, brought the project to a halt in 1987. The aircraft remained widely admired and Internet discussions and citations continued for over twenty years. 

Christopher Alan, a southern California Internet entrepreneur and Open Source software developer, discovered the Stratos while conducting an exhaustive review of light plane candidates for a personal build project. 

The airplane’s remarkable performance characteristics and innovative design features intrigued him, and through the kind assistance of several Stratos enthusiasts, was put in contact with Ron Ligeti, who had continued development of the project privately. 

The idea of an Open Source Aircraft was inspired entirely by the Stratos. It was an aircraft that had obvious and immediate appeal, but no organization or significant financial resources to bring it to market. Open Source development and distribution has revolutionized the computer software industry, so Alan suggested introducing this methodology to general aviation through the Stratos. 

After a brief period of thoughtful consideration, Ron Ligeti and his family have agreed to release the new “Second Generation” Ligeti Stratos as Open Source. The designs, specifications, supplier lists and supporting documentation will be made available to the worldwide aviation community through a gratis “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” licence currently under development. The license will specifically address safety and other concerns unique to aircraft design and construction. 

Interested parties are encouraged to join the mailing list and discussion groups, and to participate in the community that will create and continually improve all of the design, documentation and build processes of the Second Generation Ligeti Stratos.

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